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Her family says they won't leave Aruba without her. Natalee Holloway (search) has been missing for more than three weeks and her family has hired an outside search firm to help. We’ll talk with the founder of firm, Equusearch, Tim Miller, who is traveling to Aruba tonight to help in the search for Natalee.

And U.S. troops in Iraq are reporting they're seeing a strange twist in the war as terrorists are starting to turn on each other! We've got the story from Baghdad (search).

Plus, a Boy Scout goes missing during a camping trip in the rugged mountains of Utah; we'll have the latest on day three of the search for Brennan Hawkins (search). Plus, we’ll talk with Kevin Bardsley, whose son went missing last year, only 15 miles away from where searchers are looking for Hawkins.

Then, the drama continues over John Bolton's (search) nomination to the U.N. with Senate Democrats successfully stalling a vote for the second time — will President Bush be forced to name a recess appointment? We’ll take a look at what’s ahead in Washington.

And, we’ll be celebrating the spirit of one extraordinary American soldier as Army Captain David Rozelle, who lost a foot to a landmine in Iraq and later returned to active duty in Iraq, joins us live to share his experiences.

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