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We’re live in Aruba (search) where the prime suspect held in connection with missing ‘Bama beauty Natalee Holloway (search) is changing his story. After more than three weeks, Joran van der Sloot (search) is whistling a different tune about what happened the night Holloway disappeared from paradise. We’ll tell you what he’s saying.

And, now that Natalee’s mother is taking matters into her own hands will she get the answers she’s looking for? Greta got her into the gates of van der Sloot’s home. So what did Beth Twitty (search) say to Joran’s father during their impromptu visit? “On the Record’s” Greta van Susteren will be here to tell us how she gained exclusive access to the house and what transpired during her and Twitty’s tete-a-tete with Paul van der Sloot (search).

And, how does President Bush propose we lower our dependence on foreign oil? Would you believe nuclear power? We’re live at the White House with correspondent Wendell Goler. He’ll explain why folks on Capitol Hill are preaching how power of the nuclear kind could pay big time at the pump.

Plus, he coached youth football. He was roomies with another convicted sex offender. He kept detailed notes on how he molested thousands of boys. So how did the country’s most prolific child molester, a guy who served 12 years for multiple child abuse offenses, manage to avoid lengthy prison terms for more than 35 years? And why was he never even registered as a sex offender? We’ll ask former prosecutor Steven Clark, who was in court today for Dean Schwartzmiller's (search) arraignment.

And, a look at the wicked weather heading for an area that doesn't need any more of the wet stuff. Foxcaster Janice Dean will be here.

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