Scout Found Alive in 'Modern-Day Miracle'

Rescuers on Tuesday found an 11-year-old Boy Scout who disappeared four days ago in the Utah wilderness, a discovery scouting officials called a "modern-day miracle."

Brennan Hawkins (search) was located safe and sound with no major injuries. He was found just before noon near Lily Lake, about five miles northeast of the Boy Scout camp where he was last seen Friday, said Kay Godfrey, director of public relations for the Great Salt Lake Council.

After the discovery, Brennan's emotional mother addressed the media, saying her son's survival represented nothing less than divine intervention.

"People say that the heavens are closed and God no longer answers prayers. We are here to unequivocally tell you that the heavens are not closed, prayers are answered and children come home," Jody Hawkins told reporters as the family arrived at Primary Children's Medical Center (search) in Salt Lake City.

Brennan was apparently in high spirits as he rode with his family to the medical center in an ambulance.

"He laughed on the way here, just like he always has," said his mother.

With a towel around his neck, Brennan waved to reporters as he was carried on a stretcher from the ambulance to the hospital entrance.

Volunteer Forrest Nunley, a 43-year-old house painter from Salt Lake City, was the searcher who found Brennan. Nunley said he came across the boy "standing in the middle of the trail. He was all muddy and wet."

"He was extremely hungry and thirsty," Sheriff Dave Edmunds said. "He looked like he was in excellent shape to me."

The boy saw some volunteer searchers on horseback, but "he didn't want to come out. He was too scared. He was a little delirious. I sat him down and gave him a little food," Nunley said.

Edmunds said Brennan did not want to talk much but after drinking some water and eating some food he expressed interest in a volunteer's cell phone video game. Edmunds said he didn't tell rescuers much except that he wanted to see his mother.

Brennan was transported by ambulance to a Primary Children's Medical Center (search) in Salt Lake City to be checked up. Doctors said he would spend the night at the hospital for observation.

The boy's uncle, Bob Hawkins, tearfully thanked searchers. "Brennan has been found. He's in very good condition. They're assessing him. They're going to be taking him to a hospital. We don't have a lot of details of the condition," Bob Hawkins said.

"We are thrilled."

The boy, who was training to be a Boy Scout, vanished from a camp in the Uinta Mountains (search) on Friday.

Edmunds said Brennan walked straight up a ridge for several miles from the point where he went missing. Contrary to earlier reports, Hawkins did not cross a river and was not wet when he was found.

FOX News' Alicia Acuna, who is at the site, said reporters knew there was good news when they saw rescuers slap each other on the back and applaud. Edmunds said approximately 500 people had been searching for Hawkins on Tuesday.

Officials said Brennan disappeared somewhere along a dirt road between the camp's artificial climbing wall and the "chow hall," where he was to meet a friend but never showed up. The East Fork of the Bear River (search) is within 100 yards of the road.

Edmunds said earlier that the boy's chances were good because nights had been warm, with temperatures falling only into the 50s. The area is about 100 miles northeast of Salt Lake City.

Brennan carried no food or water, and his family had said he did not have a good sense of direction.

Among the volunteers was Kevin Bardsley, whose 12-year-old son, Garrett, vanished last August while camping at a nearby lake. He was never found despite a weeklong search.

"When we came off this mountain in the winter, my friends and I decided right then, if anyone came missing, we'd be there immediately," said Bardsley.

FOX News' Alicia Acuna and The Associated Press contributed to this report.