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Hmmmm… based on your e-mails Wednesday, not ONE of you accepts Sen. Dick Durbin's apology for comparing Gitmo (search) to a gulag (search) and U.S. soldiers to Nazis.

A number of you pointed out that, when you listened closely to how he phrased the apology... it struck you as less than genuine:

Remember to keep FOX News fair, balanced and accurate. Sen. Durbin did not apologize for the CONTENT of his statement, but rather for the distress he may have caused to those who heard his statement. There is a distinction!
—Charles C. Coone, Jr.

...A forced apology is no apology at all.
—Luanne Spinelli, Bridgeport, Connecticut

...The second best actors in America are politicians... They get paid to cry on cue... he wasn't crying over his remarks, he was crying because he has no chance of getting re-elected.
—Bruce Gross, Jacksonville, Florida

I am a 31 year old who makes under $20,000 a year. I am a proud American, a citizen of the USA and I cannot receive reasonable medical care!... I sill proudly fly my flag, vote, and obey the laws, yet these prisoners [at Gitmo] eat better than I do, get more attention than I do... How DARE Sen. Durbin make those statements... Durbin should be ashamed of himself and needs to make a better apology and own up to his words. By the way, I am a Democrat.
—Sarah, Buffalo, New York

It seems that only Democratic apologies are supposed to be accepted, and not Republican. How is it that Dickie Durbin or Robert Byrd can apologize for making egregious comments and expect to 'move on'... but Trent Lott couldn't? The Senate lost a great man with great deal-making skills when he was shot down in a ridiculous firestorm. This double standard is disgusting.
—P. Sanborn, Palm Beach, Florida

As for the Natalee Holloway (search) case, we are continuing to try to speak with other students who were on the Aruba trip with her. On DaySide Wednesday, you heard two of her classmates talk about the last time they saw her at the bar the night she disappeared; but for many of you, their statements raised more questions than they answered:

I just watched your segment with Natalee's 2 friends and the blonde girl said she had never seen Van der Sloot before the night of the disappearance. But in another interivew on FOX, the same girl.... said that she had seen [him] 2 times in the casino with Natalee. She is obviously lying or making all this up. Please follow this up & get back to me.
—Kelly Kirk

Kelly, I'll do some checking. Read on:

When you have Natalee's friends on again, ask them why no one was concerned until 9:15 a.m. the following morning that Natalee was missing... Where were Natalee's roommates between 1:00 am and 9:15 am? Were they out of their room during this period? Were her roommates too drunk, thereby passing out on their beds, to notice Natalee wasn't in her room all night? What happened to taking responsibility for each other's well-being when on trips like this one (the so-called buddy system the kids and chaperones said they had)?...
—George, Connecticut

I find it hard to believe that kids [who] had just graduated high school with the opportunity to be at a bar and drink alcohol would be at a bar that late at night and not be drunk! I think the kids that you have been talking to have not been telling you everything in order to cover their own behinds!!!
—James, North Carolina

These are all excellent questions; I may use some of them on the air Thursday. And while I'm at it, what other parts of this case seem puzzling to you? I'd like your input, so e-mail me at: dayside@foxnews.com. Also, if you would like to contribute to the trust fund set up by Natalee's classmates (to help pay for the family's expenses in searching for her), here's where to send donations:

Natalee Holloway Trust
AM South Bank
P.O. Box 11426
Birmingham, AL 35202

One more thing. Today you saw actor Dean Cain (search) asking for you all to send your kids' outgrown sneakers to him, for U.S. soldiers in Iraq (search) to distribute to Iraqi children. Many of them have no shoes, and it helps our soldiers build goodwill when they hand out gifts to kids in the villages they pass through. Here's the address where you can send the sneakers:

Cpt. Brad Miller
APO AE 09331
Thunder Alley, Talil AB, Iraq
DSN 318 833 1518 OR 1653
Trailer 3147A

See you all Thursday—


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