DiCaprio Files Charges in Bottle Attack

Leonardo DiCaprio (search) has filed a police report over an attack at a Hollywood party that left him needing stitches.

The star of "Titanic" and "The Aviator" stated that he was attacked with a deadly weapon while attending a party given by Paris Hilton's (search) ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon (search), authorities said Tuesday. DiCaprio said his injuries required several stitches.

Police officer Kevin Mailberger said DiCaprio contacted the Los Angeles Police Department's Hollywood division Monday afternoon to file the complaint.

"While leaving a small private gathering, Leo was attacked by a woman who was trespassing and had been repeatedly asked to leave the property," Ken Sunshine, DiCaprio's publicist, said last week. "The attacker struck him with a glass object before being restrained by witnesses."

People magazine reported the 30-year-old actor was attacked by a woman with what appeared to be a beer bottle at a party at Salomon's home about 4 a.m. Friday, opening a wound near DiCaprio's ear that needed about a dozen stitches to close.

Mailberger said detectives were investigating.

Salomon gained notoriety when a videotape of himself and Hilton having sex surfaced in 2003, just before the launch of her reality TV series, "The Simple Life." Hilton has said she was "embarrassed and humiliated" that the tape ever became public.