Topics and Guests for June 20

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New CIA Chief Porter Goss tells Time magazine he has "an excellent idea" where Usama bin Laden is hiding out. So why haven't we caught him? We'll ask Reuel Marc Gerecht, former CIA Middle East specialist.

Aruban police and prosecutors are taking plenty of heat from the U.S. for their investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance. But were we too quick in judging their justice system? Julia Renfro, editor-in-chief of Aruba Today, weighs in.

Then, all eyes are on Chief Justice William Rehnquist (search) as speculation grows that he may retire from the bench. Both the right and the left are ready to fight for the top spot. So which justice has the edge? We'll ask Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News' senior judicial analyst.

And, he likes Raisin Bran for breakfast, Cheetos for a snack and he still thinks he's the dictator of Iraq. A group of National Guardsmen is dishing out the details on Saddam Hussein (search) after their super secret assignment as his prison guards. We'll get the lowdown from Dan Senor, FOX News military analyst.

Plus, should Democrats strip Sen. Dick Durbin (search) of his leadership position due to his controversial remarks about Gitmo? We'll ask Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard.

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