Bush Talks Up Economic Agenda

President Bush (search) said passing his second-term economic agenda is the key to keep America's economy moving in the right direction.

"Today Americans have many reasons to be optimistic about our economic future," Bush said at the ceremonial swearing-in for the new chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers (search). "We got to build on these achievements to make sure we have lasting prosperity in America"

Federal Reserve Board (search) member Ben Bernanke succeeds Harvey Rosen in the post atop the panel that gives economic advice to the president. Bernanke is the third chairman in four months.

Before joining the Federal Reserve's seven-member board in 2002, Bernanke had been a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University for 20 years.

He previously taught at Stanford University, New York University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned a bachelor's degree from Harvard University and a doctorate from MIT.

"You're fixing to work for a good man," Bush said to those who will be serving under Bernanke. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and other board members were in the White House audience.

The president ticked through the items he wants Congress to approve: permanent tax relief, an overhaul of the tax code, lawsuit reform, energy legislation, a trade deal with Central American and Caribbean nations and changes to Social Security.