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It's been nearly four years since 9/11, with no further attacks on the United States. It's been just over two years since we went to war with Iraq, with some success, but also some bloodshed. With that in mind, I'd like to ask you: How do you think we are doing in the War on Terror (search), and what do you think of how we are doing in our relations around the world?

That's what a new book is about by Richard Haass (search), president of the prestigious think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (search). He has worked for both Republican and Democratic presidents, including George W. Bush in his first term. Richard's assertion, at the risk of oversimplifying, is that President Bush made big mistakes in going to war with Iraq and handling the aftermath; he also suggests that from now on, the White House must turn more to multilateral solutions to problems. That certainly is not the whole thrust of the book, but after reading it, they seem to be the two key points. Do you agree? I'd like to use your comments in a debate with Richard Tuesday on “DaySide,” so please e-mail your thoughts to me at

Also — we have another interesting guest scheduled for Tuesday: Capt. David Rozelle. If you don't remember him, he's the Army captain who lost a leg during his first tour of duty in Iraq and successfully lobbied the Army to send him back. He's just finished his second tour of duty over there, and he'll be on the show with me to talk about it. What would you like to ask him? He's eager to take questions from the audience, so e-mail them to me at the above address. (One thing I'd like to ask him is how he and his fellow soldiers feel about members of Congress discussing an exit timetable from Iraq, but I'd like your input as well.)

As for Monday's show, I got an interesting e-mail about the interview with former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer, who said both Presidents Clinton and Bush have failed to put our safety first in not capturing Usama bin Laden (search):

I totally agree with the former CIA agent... If Clinton or especially Bush was REALLY concerned about our safety, they would have done something about the problems with the borders. But very few politicians have the guts to address that hot potato. And they will live to regret it.
—Suzanne Giancaspro, Santa Rosa, California

See you all Tuesday—


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