Topics and Guests for June 11 & 12

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Saturday, June 11

The jury in Michael Jackson's molestation trial ends its sixth day of deliberations Friday — still without a verdict. So what's it like inside the jury room when all eyes are focused on the case? We'll ask Richelle Nice and Mike Belmessieri, jurors in the notorious Scott Peterson (search) murder trial.

Next, we'll get the legal lowdown on the pop star's controversial case from:
• Jim Hammer, former prosecutor
• Stan Goldman, FOX News legal analyst
• Laura Ingle, KFI Radio reporter

Then, what if the "King of Pop" is convicted? What kind of prison would he go to? We'll get an inside look at the Corcoran State Prison, where Michael Jackson will most likely be sent if he is found guilty, from Rod Mason, Corcoran State prison guard.

And, the search for 18-year-old Natalee Holloway (search) continues, as Aruba's prime minister says finding Natalee is "priority No. 1" for the Dutch Caribbean island. So how will Natalee's mysterious disappearance impact Aruba's tourism? We'll ask Julia Renfro, editor-in-chief of Aruba Today.

Plus, Amy Bradley (search) disappeared from a cruise ship in the Caribbean seven years ago. Her parents still believe she is alive and the recent disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba has renewed interest in Amy's vanishing. How are the Bradleys holding up? And how do they have the strength to continue to search for their daughter after seven years? Ron and Iva Bradley, Amy's parents, join us.

Also, we'll talk with David Carmichael who says he spotted Amy Bradley and is helping her family with the investigation.

Sunday, June 12

Is there a sex offender in your backyard? We'll take a look at sex offender "hotspots" around the country so you are in the know!

Then, are the penalties for sexual predators who violate parole tough enough? Dr. Maurice Godwin, geographical profiler, and Charlie Crist, Florida Attorney General, weigh in.

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