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It's always great to see Juliet and especially fun to work on "FOX & Friends First" today. Ok, we opened up with breaking news: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (search) are engaged!! Wow! Let's interrupt taped programming. That was my first instinct, but Juliet informed me the relationship was less than real. I, for one, think those two kids are hopelessly in love (at least she is).

The thrust of today's show was Sen. Durbin's comparison of Gitmo to Soviet gulags, killing fields and concentration camps. It's outrageous, but overall it plays on the public disenchantment with the war. Those six congressmen who have a measure demanding an exit date for our troops does the same thing. The terrorists know the recent past of American politicians when it comes to war. In Somalia, Beirut and Vietnam, the going got tough and we got out. Listen, they use this in the bin Laden (search) handbook, and everyday as our men kill these guys they think they'll eventually win by just hanging on. I hate to say it, but the headlines back up their claim.

I came to love Ken Timmerman's book "Countdown to Crisis." He tells us the insurgency is all in Iran. They start every meeting with "Death to America, death to Israel," and everyday they try and make both things happen. From Beirut to the Khobar Towers, and now in Iraq, they have been killing our people. I wonder how much longer we will take it and when we will prove UBL is in their country.

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