A town named Lamar has a bone to pick with a senator named Lamar.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander (search) wrote a bill denying tax credits to some wind turbines and described wind power as contributing "puny amounts" of energy — angering the Colorado home of 108 wind turbines.

The folks on the high Colorado plains have now invited Lamar, the senator, to Lamar, the town.

"We don't have the Grand Canyon," Lamar Mayor Elwood Gillis said, conceding the beauty of the Great Plains is sometimes overlooked. "But in a sense, the wind farm down south of Lamar has become our Grand Canyon."

Alexander's spokeswoman, Alexia Poe, said the senator hadn't received Gillis' letter, dated Monday. She said Alexander's proposal is intended to keep local governments informed of proposed wind energy projects

"The senator is a strong, if not leading, advocate for state and local government," Poe said. "I would think Lamar is a great example of what the senator is trying to do."

Alexander has said large, industrial wind turbines (search) could be a scenic blight. He's complained about the blades' noise and the tax breaks going to an energy source that "produces puny amounts of high-cost unreliable power."

In his letter to Alexander, Gillis said the seemingly incessant wind on the plains has been called many things, "but 'puny' is not one of them."