Topics and Guests for June 14

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Michael Jackson (search) is found not guilty on all 10 counts against him, with the jurors concluding that his accuser's mother was an untrustworthy opportunist — a key factor that led to the pop star's acquittal. We'll have complete analysis of the trial watched 'round the world from criminal defense attorney, Robert Shapiro, and former prosecutor Jim Hammer.

Then, the men and women of the Michael Jackson jury can finally go on with their lives — they can try to anyway. So how did they come to a not guilty verdict? We'll ask Raymond Hultman, juror No. 1 in the "King of Pop's" molestation trial.

Authorities free two former hotel security guards detained after Natalee Holloway's disappearance, intensifying the focus on three young suspects. Natalee's mother says that if she doesn't see results from the investigation soon, she might start to think Aruban authorities are trying to protect the three young boys. So where does the case stand now? Criminal defense attorney, Geoffrey Nathan, and former D.C. homicide investigator, Rod Wheeler, weigh in.

A new study shows that the public has a different perception of who is a "journalist" than those actually "in" the business. But when actors like Sean Penn take on the role of reporter, who can blame them? We'll ask Eric Burns, host of FOX News Watch.

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