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Today is Wednesday, June 15 and this blog is a fresh one (not yesterday's) even though it starts the same: By the time you get this, I will be on a plane. No, I am not kidding. I am really back on a plane. I left Santa Maria (search) yesterday at 6 a.m., flew across country, got to D.C. about 4 p.m., raced from Dulles airport to our FOX News bureau, got ready for the show, did the show, went home, dumped clothes out of my suitcase and "re-loaded" and back at the airport for an early morning flight to Aruba (search).

We are taking the show to Aruba since we want to see for our own eyes what is doing on in the search for Natalee Holloway (search). We can do a better job for you, if we actually go there. Of course we can't do this for every story we cover, but we try to do it as often as possible.

It is stunning how quickly we move from story to story. Here is an e-mail that arrived moments ago from KFI's Laura Ingle:

E-mail No. 1

I'm just packing up the bureau. Hate this part. What are you doing? You in Aruba yet?

Laura has been one of the many who has lived in Santa Maria since January. She built a radio studio in a room in the back of a local cafe and rented an apartment. She has much to move... it isn't as easy as I have it. I just threw everything in my bag, sat on it so I could zip it and raced to the airport. Many of my FOX colleagues are in Laura's boat... they have so much "stuff" including cameras, cables, monitors, tents, trucks, etc., to pack and move. The media set up in Santa Maria was really something to see! I hope that all my pics gave you some idea.

If ever there is a big story in your area, you should drive over to see the media set up. It is quite a sight! The media creates a town of cables, cameras, tents, food, trailers, etc., -- it is wall-to-wall media. And then the story ends and the media vanishes in seconds for the next story. Many in the community are annoyed that we show up... but some appreciate our presence. We fill hotels, pack restaurants etc., -- but we do use up all the good parking spaces!

Tuesday night D.A. Tom Sneddon was supposed to be on "Hannity & Colmes" but missed the "hit." Our producers asked if he would stay and do our show instead. He said that he did not want to do an interview with me -- and that he thought I had not been fair. I then spoke to him through my IFB after the first segment break in our show to convince him to do our show. He was gracious and agreed to do the show. I told him I would like to speak to him Friday when we have more then one minute in a commercial break and find out what he thought I did unfair. (I can't talk to him tomorrow... I will be on a plane all day and the same on Thursday!) I would like to improve my work and not be unfair.

My next blog will be from Aruba.

On the lighter side, check out the video we have on the blog today: It is the first pitch at the Mets game. I am learning more and more that my "friends" had bet against me making the plate from the mound. Hmmm…

Here are some random e-mails about the Jackson verdict. Note: I have randomly selected them so don't expect a balance of viewpoints for and against the verdict, our coverage etc.:

E-mail No. 2

Too much media attention was focused on his trial; it must be the difference between what is important and that which the people want to hear. Any parent who allows their children to sleep with a 40-something adult should be investigated by child services. Period. Any 40-something adult who prefers to sleep with young boys needs therapy and a restraining order keeping them away from young children.
The man has serious problems, and the parents of the children involved need classes in parenting.
Now, go cover something that is important.

E-mail No. 3

Every time these jurors are asked a question, their expressions look like deer eyes "caught in the headlights." They do not convey any conviction of their verdict. My conclusion: They were star-struck.
Thank you,
Belleville, NJ

E-mail No. 4

News bulletin: It is OVER. Please keep this in mind when you are doing any further shows. It is really enough already! Just his clown face on my computer everywhere I went was enough to make me sick. Pay attention to Aruba. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
New Haven, CT

E-mail No. 5

The verdict really turns my stomach! How many abused children will never speak up now? I think there is a definite pattern shown and this jury is star struck by M.J. How sad for the children. Also how many of the jurors would let their own kids go to a sleepover at Neverland? None I bet... Sharron
Burbank, CA

E-mail No. 6

Simply put: There are more cents in a quarter than in the combined I.Q. of the Michael Jackson jury.
Brian Finke
Los Angeles, CA

ANSWER: Unlike Brian, the jurors sat through the entire trial and listened to all the evidence. The D.A. who lost, Mr. Sneddon, said that he accepts the verdict and does not criticize the jurors. I thought Mr. Sneddon was right in saying that. The jurors were there for every second of evidence -- the rest of us were not. This is not to say Michael Jackson's behavior was appropriate (a grown man should not be sleeping in a bed with these boys), nor that he is innocent. The jury merely said the evidence was not there to prove beyond a reasonable doubt guilt.

E-mail No. 7

I personally felt this jury did a great job and I for one was proud of our justice system for the first time in a long, long time. What really scares me is the "former judge and prosecutor" -- whose name I can't think of: Jean or Genine (the one with the big lips) -- she comments on your show. She wants jurys to convict people on this kind of evidence? Put them in jail for 18 years! When it was clear this family was out to get Michael or if not Michael, someone. Michael was just the most gullible. What happened to better let a guilty man go free than convict an innocent one? The fact that she was a judge, and She convicted Michael way before all the evidence was in scares me to death. Right after the verdict she began slamming this jury. A jury WHO DID THE RIGHT THING. If they want Michael, get proof, and get a family that can at least seem to somewhat honest. She toned it down later that night, but I really hope she no longer is part of our system…. And just talks about it. If Michael is a child molester, where are all the others? I mean 3 or 5 out of hundreds, who all walked away for money? If he molests my child, you bet I will get his money… AFTER he goes to jail. That is why these charges are so hard to believe. 90 percent of the kids say NO WAY.

E-mail No. 8

I am so proud of the 12 jurors who decided the Jackson case. I find it so sad that so many people are furious when a jury comes back with a "not guilty" verdict. Nancy Grace is on TV calling the jurors stupid, and I resent that. She does not speak for the people of America who believe that when a jury comes back with a verdict of "not guilty", the accused is free to go and "innocent" in the eyes of the world.
J. Gilbert

E-mail No. 9

Watching the verdict was intense. After hearing all the evidence against him I did not believe a guilty verdict would be handed. The witnesses were not credible. Some commentators are stating that this was a not guilty verdict due to his being a superstar. Not so, remember the Scott Peterson trial it was all about the creditability of the witnesses the jury believed the witnesses that is why they convicted, this jury did not believe the witnesses.
Before I believed he could be guilty, this trial has changed my mind. My issues are: The child from '93 should have testified it seems he would want justice served for what happened to him, and secondly what price can a parent put on your child’s innocence being forever violated in such a hideous manner? As a parent I would want the offender who harmed my child to do the ultimate... prison.
Just some thoughts enjoy watching your show.

E-mail No. 10

First, let me say that I am NOT a Michael Jackson fan.
Many are upset over this jury's decision. I don't understand. What part of "beyond a shadow of a doubt" don't these people understand? I watched "FOX & Friends" this morning as a P.I. from Chicago by the name of Rizzo saying that he knew that Jackson was guilty and the jury let him off because he is famous. First of all, this schmuck doesn't know, he is only guessing based on limited information gleaned from the media. I was glad to see E.D. Hill thumped him on those irresponsible statements.
I think this jury did an excellent job. They performed to the letter of the law and, based on the limited information I have gleaned from the media, there is a shadow of doubt overshadowing the case, leg waxing receipts while being "held hostage", etc.
Now, having said all that... I think Jackson is very strange and I don't like him, his music, his looks, nor anything else about him, but that doesn't make him a pedophile.
Evansville, IN

E-mail No. 11

Hi Greta:
Love the show! Have a question, what would have happened in the courtroom, if Jackson had not shown up? Would they have still read the verdict?
Thanks for all your good reporting, we are very loyal FOX News "Watchers."
Shirley and Richard Shimek
Sunland, CA

E-mail No. 12

I would like to thank the folks at FOX News for a wonderful time at the Mets game last Friday. It was especially nice that the food was available throughout the game. I also enjoyed meeting Greta (for however brief it was).
Thanks again,
Billy O.

E-mail No. 13

Sadly today a 4-year-old boy died after being on a ride at Disney World. His autopsy was already completed.
Why has it taken this long for Terri Schiavo's autopsy to be revealed? It's been an abnormally long time.
Thank you.
Nora Amrani

ANSWER: Good question! But FYI: the Schiavo autopsy will be released Wednesday at 11 a.m. we are told.

And finally, under the headline "never dull," I was told by an airline agent today that it is not uncommon for air marshals (search) to find THEIR NAMES on the "no fly" terrorist list. It is a problem, per this agent, that the airline ticket counter runs into at least once a day. The problem is due to name matches and requires the air marshals whose names appear on it to "jump through hoops" proving he/she is not a terrorist.

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