Sleepovers Still On?

Well, that's a relief isn't it? It sounds like the sleepovers with boys are still on at Neverland ranch, upstairs in Michael Jackson's (search) bedroom. For a while there, it appeared a bunch of bluenose busybodies were going to interfere with what is obviously a loving act of sharing on the part of the pop superstar.

Oh sure, the jurors said they thought Michael probably did molest boys, but in the end they did the right thing and blamed the mother for trying to turn an act of love and sharing — which is sharing his bed — into something sinister and foul and dirty for which she thought she was going to get a boatload of money.

But it wasn't just her. Michael Jackson's former lawyer, Howard Weitzman was on O'reilly Monday night, telling Bill that he told Michael to stop sleepovers with boys back in 1993 when Michael generously offered one of the boys $20 million to "cover college costs."

And then Tuesday, Michael's current lawyer, Tom Mesereau (search) said no more sleepovers.

Like, right, that's going to happen. Sure.

Michael has already told you that these are loving acts of sharing. And the "King of Pop's" jury has said it's OK, it's good. Michael, you just keep on keeping on.

So whew, thank God. It looked like the opponents of loving and sharing — the blue meanies of the new millennium — were going to stop the loving and sharing. But the jury stood in their way.

Not that everything went perfect with that jury, mind you. Sure, they said the mother was awful for trying to turn the sleepovers with her son into money, but they also said they thought Michael probably did molest those boys.

What did they mean by that? If they thought he molested the boy, how could they declare the mother guilty?

So much upside down thinking here. Of course it's clear to all of us now that the jury didn't think Michael molested anyone. They thought he was loving and sharing, and thank God we can count on a California jury to support loving and sharing.

I know we all feel better now.

That's My Word.

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