Quotes on Verdict in Michael Jackson Case

Some quotes on the verdict in the Michael Jackson molestation case Monday:

"I would never have married a pedophile. And the system works." -- Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, in a statement given to "Entertainment Tonight."

"We the jury, feeling the weight of the world's eyes upon us, all thoroughly and meticulously studied the testimony, evidence and rules of procedure presented in this court since Jan. 31, 2005. Following the jury instructions, we confidently came to our verdicts. It is our hope that this case is a testament to the belief in our justice system's integrity and the truth. We would like the public to allow us to return to our private lives as anonymously as we came." -- Statement from the jury read by the judge in court.

"He gave it his best shot. That's all he can do." -- Former Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Thomas, a consultant for NBC, on Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon.

"Michael, on behalf of mankind, we're sorry." -- A sign held by a fan outside the courthouse.