Topics and Guests for June 10

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A sobering inside look at pre-Sept. 11 intelligence operations by the Justice Department's inspector general chronicles how the FBI missed at least five opportunities to uncover vital information that might have led agents to the hijackers. Could 9/11 have been prevented? We'll ask Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

A 12-year-old cancer patient says she doesn't want to endure any more radiation. When her parents tried to fulfill her wish, child welfare took her away from them. But does the state have the right to intervene? Mike Gallagher, syndicated radio talk show host and FOX News contributor, weighs in.

And, are the paparazzi operating under their First Amendment Rights or are they starting to cross a dangerous line? Tom O'Neil, senior editor of In Touch Weekly, joins the debate.

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