Trista Gets Boot on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Former "Bachelorette" Trista Sutter (search) was the first to get booted from the surprise hit "Dancing with the Stars" (search) this week — despite an e-mail campaign among her friends.

The former cheerleader — who has made a career of appearing on reality TV shows (this is her fourth) — apparently encouraged friends to vote for her early and often.

The Web site got its hands on what it says is a mass-mailing Trista sent last week telling friends: "You will only be allowed to vote once per email address . . . If you have more than one address and can make your vote online, I would LOVE it if you could.

"I know that everyone's lives are busy these days, but I'm writing this to ask for your help because I would love to be able to continue on in the show for as long as possible," it said.

No wonder she wanted to stay on the show. In just its second week on the air, "Dancing with the Stars" two-stepped its way to the biggest audience of the week.

The series, which pairs celebrities and professional dancers in a competition, averaged nearly 15 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

That's up from the 13.5 million viewers who watched the debut.

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