Topics and Guests: June 9

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What Happened to Natalie? Three more suspects are arrested in Aruba in connection with missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway (search). We’re on the case with the latest coverage and analysis.

Terror Cell: Federal authorities are now holding five men who they believe are linked to an Al Qaeda (search) terror cell in California. We’ll have the latest on the case, plus analysis with former CIA operative Wayne Simmons.

Fight Club: Remember the movie "Fight Club" (search)? Well, would you believe there’s a disturbing new tape just released of an actual fight club at one high school. We'll talk with a police officer from the school's town.

Talkin' Trump: Is Donald Trump (search) planning on running for office as some people have suggested? And is he a Republican or Democrat? We’ll put these questions to him as he joins us live.

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