Jordan Gives Zarqawi 10 Days to Surrender

Jordan's military court has ordered the Jordanian-born leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi (search), and another suspected terrorist to surrender within 10 days to face charges of plotting deadly attacks.

Zarqawi and alleged coconspirator Mohammed Qteishat (search) are charged with plotting terrorist attacks in Jordan that killed one person. The court's announcement did not provide further details.

The whereabouts of Zarqawi, the most-wanted man in Iraq (search), are unknown, with some reports saying he was recently wounded in combat with U.S. troops and evacuated from Iraq for treatment.

The announcement, published Thursday in the Ad-Dustour daily newspaper, did not provide other details. Military prosecutor Lt. Col. Mahmoud Obeidat declined to comment Friday.

Zarqawi is on trial in absentia in several cases. He and 12 others are charged in connection with a foiled plot to launch chemical attacks against Jordan's intelligence department.

The insurgent leader also has been indicted for an alleged conspiracy to attack the Jordanian embassy and other locations in Iraq, and for a foiled suicide attack on the Jordanian-Iraqi border.

He has been sentenced to death by a Jordanian military court for the October 2002 assassination of U.S. diplomat Laurence Foley in Jordan.

Zarqawi, 38, is believed to be directing anti-U.S. attacks and kidnappings in Iraq, where the Al Qaeda-linked group he leads has beheaded several foreign hostages. The United States has put a $25 million bounty on his head — the same as for Usama bin Laden.