U.N. Security Council Seat? 'Nein'

Sometimes you've got to wonder if our European friends have two brain cells to rub together. I've kicked around the French and the Brits a bit, but now it's time to give the Germans a good swift one to the rear.

The United States State Department has, evidently, finally made it clear that the Germans are not going to get a seat on the United Nations Security Council (search).

A bunch of countries want in as permanent members — including Japan and Germany — and Condoleezza Rice (search) just had to break the news to Joschka Fisher, the German Foreign Minister, that the United States is not going to go along with Germany's bid to become a permanent member of the Security Council.

The Germans were, evidently, surprised. They thought all their good U.N. work was going to carry the day. Not even close.

The United States opposes Germany because Germany is only technically a "friend."

The same U.S. administration that got kicked around during the run-up to the Iraq war by German politicians and the German public were being asked to allow Germany into this very important position in the U.N.

Was George W. Bush going to extend a favor to Germany after Gerhard Schroeder (search) got reelected on an overtly anti-American election campaign?

I would have bet a year's salary a year ago it wouldn't happen and I would have made the same bet Tuesday and I would have been right both times.

You would have to be smoking the lederhosen to think Germany was going to somehow make George W. Bush forget how brutally mean and vicious the Germans were before the war.

I don't know that Bush ever read any of the columns in The L.A. Times by German novelist Gunter Grass (search). He said, "At last someone else is the Nazi. The Germans have turned the burden of being Hitler and being the Nazi to someone else — the Americans."

Gerhard Schroeder told Germans that his government would never, "Click its heels in obedience to a foreign power, namely the Americans."

So having dumped all over us, they came asking our help to get into the world's most exclusive club.

They deserved to get an American "no." And that's exactly what they got.

That's My Word.

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