Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of June 6

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Taxicab Confessions

A couple taxicab confessions for you: If you're going to rob a bank, make sure your getaway driver is in on the plan. A man in Columbia, South Carolina took a taxi to the bank and told the driver to wait. A few minutes later, he ran out with the loot. But when he got in the cab, the driver stopped the car because he saw other customers coming out, screaming about a robbery.
Police arrested that guy.

And San Francisco cops are dealing with a different type of taxicab robberies. They say a man has been stealing taxis, then driving around picking up passengers and collecting their fares. "A crook," they say, "making an honest living."

Swingin' Granny

Remember Emily Litella? The hard-of-hearing commentator on Saturday Night Live (search) who opined about violins on TV instead of violence? Well she's apparently alive and well — and fighting crime at the age of 91. An elderly Ohio woman — who wears a hearing aide — was approached in a parking lot by a thief who yelled, "Gimme your purse!" She though he wanted to take her pulse. Then he said it again and she said, "No, you're not." Then the "pulse" snatcher got a beating. The man, who is 71 years her junior, was arrested.

A Storm's a Hoppin'

Panicked folks in a Serbian town started running for their lives. A storm was brewin' — a cloud with a greenish hue settled in overhead. A strange weather phenomenon perhaps. Traffic came to a standstill and then from the heavens, an amphibious assault. Down came the frogs — thousands of them — falling from the sky. One guy said he thought a toad-toting plane exploded in mid-air.

Turns out it was really just a strange weather phenomenon. A climatology expert says a whirlwind sucked up the frogs from a nearby lake — the same way a cloud would collect rain.