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Standing behind President Bush hasn't gained Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) a lot of points in Parliament — or with his people. So what's the real purpose behind Blair's visit to the White House? Robert Hunter, former U.S. Ambassador to NATO and Rand Corporation senior fellow, weighs in.

Then, a U.S. commitment to provide $674 million for famine relief in Africa may take some of the sting out of President Bush's opposition to a proposal by British Prime Minister Tony Blair to spend even more money. However, the other issue topping Blair foreign policy this year — fighting global warming (search) — may further strain his relationship with Bush. So is the U.K. still the United States' strongest ally? We'll ask Michael Rubin, resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute.

And, a new book casts a shadow of doubt on Michael Jackson's claims of innocence. The pop star's former P.R. man says Michael had a "sinister gift" for identifying "woo-able" boys — meaning those whose parents could be bought off and would be quiet. Could this book impact the "King of Pop's" legacy? We'll ask columnist Roger Friedman.

Plus, the accused rapist of a former Air Force cadet is granted permission to see records of his accuser's private therapy sessions. The counselor refuses to let him see the documents and now a military judge is threatening to arrest the rape counselor. But isn't this a violation of doctor-patient confidentiality? Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News' senior judicial analyst, gives us the legal lowdown.

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