Mystery Girl in Photos Found Safe in Florida

A little girl who Manchester, N.H., police believed was in danger has been found safe in Florida with her family.

Police yesterday released two photos of a blue-eyed, blonde girl, but they said they didn't know who the child was or where she might be.

One photo showed the girl, who appears to be a toddler, in a blue dress with her hair in pigtails. The other showed her with shorter hair, wearing small gold earrings.

The girl was located after someone saw the pictures on television.

Police are continuing their investigation.

The problem is, authorities aren't clear on who the child is. Callers responding to photos of the child came in from across New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont, Manchester Police Sgt. Mark Fowke said Wednesday.

Fowke said police released the photos after getting a tip that she may be in danger. He also said the girl's family may not be aware of the potential for harm.