Hostage's Mom Urges Release on Afghan TV

The mother of an Italian aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan appealed for her daughter's release in a recording broadcast on Afghan television on Wednesday.

The aid worker was abducted by armed men on May 16 as she was being driven to her home in the capital, Kabul. Clementina Cantoni (search), 32, was working for CARE International (search) on a project helping Afghan widows and their families.

The two-minute video features an appeal from her mother, Germana, heard speaking in English before a translated voiceover starts in Dari, the main local language. The video shows Germana with pictures of Clementina as an adult working in Afghanistan.

"Clementina has always been concerned with people's suffering, and it is easy to notice how brave and generous Clementina has been choosing to go to far-away countries and help people in need rather than staying in her country with a nice a comfortable job," Germana says.

"Please do everything to bring Clementina back."

Michael Kleinman, an official with CARE International, said the aid group had given the video to Afghan TV stations. One station, Tolo TV, was already playing it by midday Wednesday on its news programs.

The Afghan Ministry of Interior said in a statement Tuesday that placards have been posted in Kabul and throughout the region showing a photograph of Clementina and asking people to inform authorities if they have information about her.

Meanwhile in Rome, Italy's Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini said Cantoni is alive and in good health.

"We are doing all we can" to win Cantoni's release, Fini said. "We know that she is well, and this is a great relief."