Bus Stabbing Erupts out of Fight for Bathroom

Three people were stabbed when a fight over bathroom use broke out on a Greyhound (search) bus from Georgia early Saturday morning on Interstate-95, police said.

The injuries were non life-threatening, and the bus, which originated in Georgia, continued on its journey to New York, said Officer Shawn Vinson (search), a county police spokesman.

Vinson said police arrested a man who allegedly stabbed the three people but had yet to charge him.

Police got a report at 5:20 a.m., Vinson said, about a fight that broke out between a man and woman over the use of the bathroom on the northbound bus. Other passengers apparently came to the woman's aid, Vinson said.

It was unclear, he said, which of the people involved in the fight was arrested for the stabbing.

"It was apparently an escalating fight on the bus," Vinson said.

The three victims were brought to Shock Trauma (search) in Baltimore.