Topics and Guests for June 2

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President Bush taps California Congressman Christopher Cox (search) to head the SEC. We'll get reaction from Thomas Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Dean machine is in full swing. Do the Democrats smell blood? And is the president's plan in deep trouble? We'll ask key Democratic strategist, Bob Beckel.

How's America doing economically? We'll take the market's temperature with Anthony Chan, managing director and senior economist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management; Tony Dwyer, chief equity strategist at FTN Midwest Research, and Ben Boissevain, managing partner at Agile Equity.

Will the U.S. score big time economic gains if the Europeans can't get their acts together? We'll ask Bob Hormats, vice chairman at Goldman Sachs.

Plus, did the White House just give a big gift to big business?

And, we're sniffing around. Can a new hormone spray make you more giving? Dr. Eric Braverman, director of Path Medical in New York and author of "The Edge Effect," weighs in.

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