Topics and Guests for June 2

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Closing arguments begin in the Michael Jackson molestation trial. But is there anything left to say that could sway the jury? We'll get the legal lowdown from criminal defense attorney Robert Shapiro.

Eighteen-year-old Natalee Holloway (search) went to Aruba for a high school graduation trip and now she is missing. The FBI, Aruba police, friends, family and Dutch authorities are desperately searching to find her. So have officials found any clues in Natalee's disappearance? Howard Safir, former NYC police commissioner and CEO of SafirRosetti, weighs in.

Then, publishers are salivating over the Deep Throat tale and Mark Felt (search) is ready to cash in on his newfound fame. Will he write a book about his version of the Watergate scandal and will it be a bestseller? We'll ask Peter Osnos, chief executive and publisher of Public Affairs Press.

And, Democrats attend a conference in D.C. trying to figure out how to "Take Back America." But will they have to go up against another Bush in 2008? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Mary Anne Marsh, Democratic strategist and FOX News political analyst, and Brad Blakeman, Republican strategist and former deputy assistant to President Bush.

Plus, a seven-year-old boy is accused of killing his seven-month-old half sister. How should authorities charge the young suspect? Robert Ernenwein, former L.A. Deputy District Attorney, weighs in.

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