Raw Data: Stephanides' Statement

Joseph Stephanides' statement concerning his dismissal from the United Nations:

I wish to express my great disappointment with the decision to dismiss me from service only a few months before my scheduled retirement from the United Nations, which I have served faithfully for 25 years. I intend to appeal this decision and I am confident that I will be fully vindicated once I receive a fair and impartial review.

This decision came as a complete surprise in light of the fact that I have never received a response to the extensive explanation and evidence I submitted four months ago fully exonerating me from the allegations that were contained in the Volker Commission Report that I had attempted to influence the outcome of the procurement process for the award of the humanitarian goods inspections contract to a British company, Lloyd’s Register.

During the four months I was suspended from service I was never afforded a hearing or given any response to my written submission.

My letter of dismissal merely repeats the earlier allegations while ignoring my proof that my contacts with the UK delegation, as with all members of the Security Council were done pursuant to my designated responsibilities as liaison between the Member States and the UN Steering Committee, which was composed of senior UN officials who wee the ultimate decision makers. Rather than pre-empting the bidding process, as alleged, the contacts that were cited occurred only after a decision had been reached by the Steering Committee and communicated to me that Lloyd’s Register would receive the contract based on the political considerations expressed by the Member States but contingent on Lloyd’s lowering their price to an acceptable level. My efforts succeeded in achieving these objectives and saving the United Nations some 900 thousand dollars.

I am confident that once all the relevant facts are brought to light, this unwarranted decision will be rescinded and justice will finally be served.