Divide and Conquer?

What did you miss if you missed "FOX & Friends" on Friday? Well, first we learned that no one really knows what will happen with the Michael Jackson (search) case. I don't remember a high profile case that has been tougher to call. We also found out in my opinion that there is at least one person with less dance talent then me and his name is Evander Holyfield (search). He elected to Cha-Cha on a new ABC series and he was so bad that he was great. I once again have no choice but to salute his courage not only as a fighter, but as a boogier!

E.D. put together the booking of the week by grabbing Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. From immigration to Deep Throat, they tackled it all! Rasheda Ali, daughter of Muhammad, introduced her children's book, "I'll Hold Your Hand so You Won't Fall" — a kids guide to Parkinson's disease. If anyone you know has the disease, please get this book — it features a forward from the champ.

And we wrapped up the week with a one-on-one with Jimmy Kimmel. As you know, he's ABC's late night guy and he opened his studio doors for an interview in Hollywood last week. Part II will look at high stakes on the major stories of today and why he feels so attached to help the troops in Iraq.

In terms of stories, we had a lot of fun talking about the new spray which is suppose to make you trust others instantly, but only for about an hour. The chemical is called Oxytocin and I don't know if I buy it, but who can argue with voodoo?

You also have to wonder what Howard Dean (search) is thinking saying all Republicans never had an honest job and are dark and deceitful. Is this his way of winning over moderates? That was Steve's point this morning. After all, with a nation divided one side must convince some on the other to cross and disdain usually doesn't work. By the way, Monday is impeachment day for John Kerry. It seems the Downing Street memo is impeachment worthy to the Senator and expect to hear more next week.

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