Apparent Kidnap in L.A. Caught on Tape

Police released footage from a security videotape that shows a woman apparently being kidnapped from an apartment complex, and officers asked for help identifying either person.

The video shows a man grabbing a woman as she leaves the Chateau Apartments (search) in Hollywood on May 26.

He knocks her to the ground and they struggle before the man grabs her arm and leg, "picks her up like a bag of potatoes" and carries her away as she continues to resist, Detective Wendi Berndt said.

Witnesses told police the man then forced the woman into a car and drove away, Berndt said. Some people said they may have heard a child crying in the car.

The apartment's owners and security guards were unable to identify the suspect or victim, Berndt said.

"We're just asking anybody that knows them to come forward, or for them to come forward and tell us if they're OK," she said.