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Wednesday, June 1:

Team FOX goes around the world giving you the people, places and politics you need to know — only on “Special Report.”

President Bush said in the Oval Office today that he had spoken to President Mubarak (search) of Egypt this morning and "urged him once again to have as free and fair election as possible." Carl Cameron takes a look at the president’s position on Egypt’s elections.

Also, Bret Baier has the latest news from Iraq after troops searched homes and buildings in the village of A'jil al-Sharqiyah early this morning as part of Operation Lightning (search).

Then, it was a story of political espionage gone awry in the midst of a presidential campaign, followed by a high-level cover-up that finally unraveled when President Nixon's secret White House (search) taping system came to light. What information did “Deep Throat” tell the two Post reporters and how influential was he? James Rosen answers these questions and has reaction from those closest to the Watergate scandal.

When 14 senators tried to settle a long-standing feud over the appointment of federal judges, they specifically picked out three of the 17 pending nominees to free from the trappings of a procedural maneuver known as the filibuster. Just as deliberately, the senators chose two nominees who weren't going to get an unimpeded vote, if they get a vote at all. One of them was William Myers (search). Megyn Kendall looks at the career and record of this judicial nominee.

The Campaign for America's Future's Take Back America Conference is underway in the nation's capitol where the largest group of progressive leaders and activists since the election will gather. They plan to discuss what the Democratic Party (search) needs to do to solidify what it stands for. Jim Angle reports.

How did the Dutch vote on the European Union constitution, just three days after the French rejected the ratification of the constitution? Greg Palkot examines the exit polls.

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens (search) brought an impressive piece of pork to Anchorage this session — $1.5 million for a "showpiece" bus stop, but the city administrator is at a loss about how to spend that much. Dan Springer has a report.

And we'll talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors about the day's political headlines:

Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard

Nina Easton, , deputy Washington bureau chief for the Boston Globe

Jeff Birnbaum, columnist for The Washington Post

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