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So now we know who Deep Throat (search) is, but was he the only one that Woodward and Bernstein turned to under that nickname? Nixon presidential advisor David Gergen joins us live for reaction.

Also, hurricane season (search) begins today and in an ominous sign a tornado is wreaking havoc in the state of Florida. We’ll talk with a top hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Center, Dr. Jack Beven.

Plus, a bold new plan to keep track of the worst sex offenders -- is it long overdue or too harsh? You be the judge today as we talk with Dr. Eric Munoz, a New Jersey assemblyman who started the New Jersey bill to enforce stricter laws against pedophiles and Mark Lunsford (search), the father of Jessica Lunsford who was murdered by a sex offender.

Vice president Dick Cheney (search) addresses the Air Force Academy. We’ll be standing by to hear what he says about the War on Terror.

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