Topics and Guests for June 1

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The Washington Post confirmed Tuesday that W. Mark Felt (search), the former No. 2 at the FBI, is "Deep Throat" — the famous source credited with helping unravel Richard Nixon's presidency. But was Felt a hero or a villain? We'll ask Gordon Liddy, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a former Nixon aide and FBI agent who helped plan the Watergate burglary.

Then, a new report shows many of the terrorists in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia: More than 40% of suicide bombers are Saudis and only 10% are actual Iraqis. So are neighboring countries doing enough to keep bad guys from sneaking into Iraq? Ali Al Ahmed, director of The Saudi Institute, weighs in.

And, they're old enough to risk their lives for our country, but when it comes to cracking open a beer, they're still not allowed. So should the drinking age be lowered for those serving in the military? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Rep. Mark Pettis, R-Wis., the man behind the proposed bill, and Jim Copple, director of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness.

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