Stairway to Nowhere, No Whites Allowed

A high school student who painted an image that kinda sorta looks like a stairway to heaven had to change it after some folks complained about the religious imagery, reports the Napa Valley Register.

The student, who carries a Bible and has earned the nickname Pastor K., said he didn't want to offend anyone and immediately changed the image on a painting outside the Napa High School art room.

Stairs previously leading to a castle in the sky now lead to a sunspot in the sky, and the castle is moored to the ground instead of planted in clouds. "I don't want to cause anyone to get upset," said the student, Kyle Trudelle.

Some observant students wonder, however, why no one has complained about a nearby mural depicting the Virgin Mary. It was explained that that painting is about Hispanic heritage, so it's OK.


KGET-TV in California reports that a white social worker who wanted to attend a meeting of the National Association of Black Social Workers was told he was not welcome because of his skin pigment.

Bakersfield, Calif., social worker Brain Parnell wanted to attend the New Orleans meeting along with five of his colleagues because he often works with minority children. When he tried to enter, however, he was turned away.

"I approached the registration table and was greeted by a very friendly fellow who looked me in the eye and said, 'Are you black?'" said Parnell. "I told him that I'm not and he told me that the conference was only for people who were black and so I wasn't able to register to attend the conference."

"I was shocked," said Parnell. "I was surprised that in 2005, I could be singled out because of the color of my skin."

Bad Girl!

An 8-year-old girl who wanted to sing a song that mentioned God at her elementary school talent show was told the content was too religious for a school function and denied that right, according to The Associated Press.

Olivia Turton wanted to sing the Rich Mullins song "Awesome God" for the show at Frenchtown Elementary School in New Jersey, but school officials stopped her. Lyrics like "Our God is an awesome God/He reigns from heaven above/with wisdom, pow'r and love/Our God is an awesome God" apparently scared them.

The girl's parents have now sued the school, claiming it violated her First Amendment rights.

Stop the Presses

A Dallas-area parent is demanding that her child's preschool change its logo because it features only a Caucasian child, reports WFAA-TV.

Leslie Moore, a teacher in McKinney, Texas, whose child is in the preschool program, says the logo is racist.

"It sends the wrong message," she said. "It's telling me that every other ethnic race other than Caucasian is inferior to the Caucasian race."

Even though T-shirts and bags are already being printed, along with letterhead, school officials have stopped everything and will meet with Moore to discuss trading the offensive image for another logo that depicts the gorgeous mosaic of ethnicities that is the McKinney school district.

What Part of Illegal ...?

A New Hampshire police chief is under attack from immigrant-rights activists for charging illegal aliens with criminal trespass after federal authorities refused to enforce the law, according to The Associated Press.

Members of the AFL-CIO and some 30 other protesters gathered outside the New Ipswich police department to complain about Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain's efforts to curb illegal immigration. Theo Amani of a group called Africa Initiative said illegal immigrants should feel safe when they need or meet a police officer.

He and others, carrying signs reading, "You Can't Trespass on Public Property" and "No Human Is Illegal," said Chamberlain's efforts could lead to racial profiling. But Chamberlain — who charged an illegal immigrant under a state statute after federal authorities refused to take him into custody — says race has nothing to do with it. "Please do not try to portray this as a race issue," he said. "It is not; it's legal versus illegal."

Your Tax Money at Work

A school district in North Carolina is spending nearly $50,000 a year to have its teachers berated as racists in the name of diversity and anti-racism training, reports the Greensboro News Record.

Officials in Guilford County are requiring some 300 teachers in the district to sit through seminars by Chicago's Crossroads Ministry. Participants, according to the paper, "are taught that history is written from the perspective of whites and that laws and policies benefit whites while putting minorities at an immediate disadvantage."

The paper provided no details about the seminars.

The Crossroads Ministry makes no bones about its belief that "U.S. racial and cultural imperialism abroad are fundamentally based on white supremacy at home, founded on the belief that only White Europeans and White Euro-Americans should set the world's agenda and control and distribute the world's resources."

The ministry also insists that whites are like alcoholics who are unaware of their racism and how they "benefit from and even depend on the sufferings of others for their happiness." Coincidentally — we're sure — one of the Guildford County school board members trying to make sure there is plenty set aside in next year's half-a-million dollar training budget for Crossroads is Deena Hayes, who the paper describes as a trainer in institutional racism for the People's Institute which frequently partners with Crossroads.

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Jeff P. in Yorba Linda, Calif., writes:

Finally! A government agency (The Department of Licensing) in Washington state that actually told some windbag to take a hike..

Rich D. in Peoria writes:

You know, I remember years of teachers laughing at me and my friends for not wanting to have to listen to their theories of evolution being preached at us daily. We, as fellow citizens, were highly insulted by the put-downs, and sometimes we received lower grades because we would only pay lip service and not accept the premise that their 'theory' is 'fact.'

Science had so seriously lost it's footing. Now my children are receiving the same treatment at government demand and funding. Talk to them about thin skin. The ACLU won't stand up for them, their teachers insult them for expressing their own theories, and the government denies them the right to have their theories presented.

Iris C. writes:

Regarding the public high school graduation in the church, I have no problem with this as a general matter and I am against going overboard with PC concerns. However, for the information of your readers, very observant Jews are not permitted by their religion to enter a church at all. Thus, in a hypothetical situation, requiring such a person to either break their religious laws or skip their graduation may actually be a constitutional violation of the "Free Exercise" of religion clause of the First Amendment, rather than a concern with the "Establishment" clause, which is the basis for the vast majority of cases citing church/state separation.

Leona W. in Hazelhurst, Ga., writes:

It is sad that our schools teach our kids "tolerance," but nobody is willing to tolerate anything. We apparently are to tolerate other people's relegion, as long as there is no evidence of it anywhere. That is not tolerance at all. That is forcing religion to go underground. What a ludicrous nation we live in. We teach kids tolerance in theory but intolerance in action. No wonder they are all so confused.

Anne S. writes:

Which clause is that in the Constitution that calls for the separation of Church and State? Those who actually read the Constitution know this is an out and out fabricated lie. This lie is leading to the elimination of religious freedom in America.

Harry G. informs us:

Nimrod was a god of hunting. To be a "Nimrod" is to be an excellent hunter. For some reason folks have picked up using that name as a put down. Maybe because it sounds like it should be.

Michael R. in Boston writes:

Richard Roberts isn't less conscious of race, he is just ignorant. He is subject to the "white version of American History." The type of history that whitewashes slavery and the attempted extermination of Native Americans. I bet you the fool celebrates the 4th. Why any black person would celebrate the birth of a country that committed crimes against humanity on their forefathers is beyond me. He should be learning about Nat Turner, John Brown, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, not about your forefathers.

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