Why Isn't John Bolton at the U.N. Yet?

The French voted against the European Union constitution, which was a big defeat for our worst best friend Jacques Chirac (search). So he fired his nobody prime minister and has brought in a new guy.

The new guy may look familiar: His name is Dominique de Villepin (search). He was the French Ambassador to the U.N. when George W. Bush was trying to convince the world it was time for Saddam to go.

Villepin ran around the world saying to countries so small they print their currency in Los Angeles under contact to Kinkos, "You don't want to be with Bush. You want to be with France. I am dashing, I am a heartthrob. I write books of terrible, really terrible poetry. I talk about diplomacy as being an alchemy of politics and poetry. Frankly, I am a complete nut job. But you want to be with us, not that crazy Bush."

He didn't admit France was on the take with Saddam. He'd already bought their veto in the U.N.
so explain this to me, Lucy. How come the French vote "no" on the EU constitution which means a stinging rebuke to Chirac, but he stays in his job and brings in the guy who was the mouthpiece during the debacle of the French not being able to stop George W. Bush? Why does Villepin get the job? Who knows? It's the French.

But this explains a lot to me about why John Bolton (search) needs to be in the U.S. ambassador chair at the U.N.

If there comes another day when Dominique de Villepin, the poet diplomat, is running around the world getting little dictators to join him in opposing the U.S. and claiming to speak for the world, wouldn't you like to see Bolton walk in the room snapping his brass knuckles into place? Dominique de Villepin is why we have people like John Bolton. This is his mission in life.
Somebody's got to slap around people like Villepin.

At least with Bolton on the job we know we won't have to endure another mugging of an American president for the glory of France.

Why isn't Bolton on the job yet?

That's My Word.

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