Saddam Trial May Start in 2 Months

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani (search) said Tuesday in a televised interview that authorities expected to put Saddam Hussein (search) on trial in the next two months.

Talabani said that "the court of Iraq will decide the future of Saddam Hussein" and that there was a strong public desire for him to be executed if convicted.

Talabani had said the proceedings would start in the next two months.

"Saddam Hussein is a war criminal," Talabani said, noting that he had committed "crimes against Iraqi people" in Kurdistan as well as Shiite areas of southern Iraq and in Baghdad.

Noting that he was a lawyer, Talabani said in English that he would have to await the outcome of the trial process "but the Iraqi people from now are starting to ask for executing Saddam Hussein and for sentencing him for death."