Topics and Guests for May 29

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Both the prosecution and the defense in the Michael Jackson (search) molestation trial have rested their cases. So how will each side present its closing arguments, which could begin as early as Wednesday? We'll get the latest from Laura Ingle, KFI Radio reporter, outside the Santa Maria courthouse.

Then, we'll hear from:
• Debra Opri, Jackson family attorney
• Jim Hammer, former prosecutor
• Pat Lalamma, "Celebrity Justice" correspondent

Idaho children Dylan and Shasta Groene (search) are still missing nearly two weeks after their mother, brother and family friend were found slain in their rural home. Preliminary DNA analysis of the home where the victims were found shows no traces of blood from the missing children. Are Coeur d'Alene officials hopeful of finding Dylan and Shasta alive? We'll get the latest updates from Captain Ben Wolfinger of the Kootenia County Sheriff's Office.

And, a British tabloid reports that detectives investigating the death of Princess Diana (search) have revealed that they cannot disprove the welter of conspiracy theories. Was Princess Diana murdered? We'll ask Robin Leach, British journalist, Richard Ziernicki, mechanical engineer and accident reconstructionist, and Richard Greene, former advisor to Princess Diana.