Topics and Guests for May 21

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Former Ohio congressman and host John Kasich covers the stories that touch our entire nation!

Here's what you'll find on our show this weekend:

Will pictures of Saddam Hussein (search) in his underwear while in coalition captivity do further damage to the U.S. image overseas? Richard Miniter, author of "Losing bin Laden", responds.

The fight for President Bush's judicial nominees (search) is heating up. With Republicans expected to call for a vote on Tuesday, will Democrats make good on their threat to filibuster?

Are authorities any closer to locating two missing Idaho children? We'll have complete FOX Team coverage.

Why are professors at Calvin College (search) in Michigan protesting President Bush's commencement speech? We'll investigate.

Plus, is the Animal Liberation Front an animal rights group or terrorists?

And, retired U.S. Marine Corps Col. Oliver North, host of "War Stories," joins us from Iraq.

Those stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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All topics and guests subject to change.