Woman Gets 63 Years for Killing Daughters

A woman who shot her two daughters in an abandoned rock quarry and promptly led police to the bodies pleaded guilty to murder Thursday in a deal with prosecutors that will send her to prison for 63 years.

Charlene Dorcy (search), 39, killed the girls, 2 and 4, with a rifle last June in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic (search), she had stopped taking her medication in favor of herbal remedies about four years before the slayings because of concern about the side effects, her husband said.

In October, a judge ordered her committed to a hospital and treated with medication for six months, after which doctors pronounced her competent.

During Thursday's court session, Dorcy delivered a rambling statement that did not mention her children. "Unless you are a vegetarian, every time you eat meat you're a murderer," she said.

Prosecutor Peter Banks said Dorcy knew that killing her daughters was wrong. "One thing we've never heard from her is that she's sorry," he said.