Suspect Caught Next to Wanted Poster

Brooklyn cops didn't have to go far to nab a robbery suspect.

Police in the Williamsburg (search) section of the New York City borough told the New York Post that Awiey "Chucky" Hernandez walked into a precinct house Tuesday — and stood right next to a wanted poster with his face on it.

"Obviously, he did not notice it, but we did," Sgt. Norman Horowitz told the newspaper.

Hernandez, 20, was at the station house to ask about his alleged accomplice in two livery-cab stickups, 18-year-old Huquan "Guns" Gavin.

Gavin, whose face was also on the wanted poster, had been arrested only hours earlier in an apartment raid, where police found wallets belonging to the two cab drivers who had been held up.

"I can't understand how [Hernandez] can walk into a station house knowing very well what they did, and their picture was plastered all over the [neighborhood]," Horowitz said.

Photos of the suspects had been snapped by a security camera in one of the robbed cabs.

Both Hernandez and Gavin admitted to robbing the cabbies, police said — but each said it was the other's idea.

Hole-in-One at 91

It was a long time coming, but a Thunder Bay, Ontario, man finally got his first hole-in-one — at age 91.

Tom Craig knocked the ball right into the No. 6 hole at the Northern Lights Golf Course (search) on May 17, The Chronicle-Journal of Thunder Bay reported.

"I couldn't believe it," said Craig, who's been a golfer for 45 years.

A big rock blocked his view of the hole, so Craig didn't know it had happened right away.

"The shot went very high and landed behind the boulder," he explained, "and one of the workers said, 'Hey, you got a hole-in-one!'"

Course co-owner Nadeen Breukelman told the newspaper Craig wasn't the first senior citizen to pull off the feat.

"We had one lady get one, and she was in her 80s, so it does happen," Breukelman said.

Thunder Bay is in northern Ontario, about 20 miles from the Minnesota border on Lake Superior.

— Thanks to Out There reader Bart-Matthew G.

Attempted Assault With Golf Balls

Another Ontario man wasn't so innocent in his use of golf balls.

Marcelo Loyola was sentenced to 40 days in jail May 16 for whacking balls at neighbors he wasn't getting along with, reports the Canadian Press wire service.

Loyola, 31, insisted he wasn't trying to hit the couple and their young boy, who were fishing in a rowboat on Lake St. George (search), near the town of Orillia about 50 miles north of Toronto.

"I would never deliberately try to hit anyone. It's not in my nature," he said.

His targets, who had apparently asked Loyola to turn down his music a few days before the July 17, 2004, incident, said Loyola lobbed about 30 balls in their direction from the lawn of his family's lakeside cottage.

"I found your evidence patently absurd," Judge Leonard Montgomery told Loyola. "As far as I'm concerned, the accused did use the golf balls as a weapon to intimidate his victims."

— Thanks to Out There reader Beth M.

Giant Catfish Stalked Mississippi Mud

ALTON, Ill. (AP) — Tim Pruitt went fishing and pulled up a whopper of a beast.

No, seriously: It was roughly the size of a sixth-grader.

Pruitt, casting his line in the Mississippi River on Sunday, hauled up a 58-inch long, 44-inch around blue catfish that weighed a whopping 124-pounds.

To get a sense of just how big that is, the state record holder was a mere 85 pounds and the world record holder tipped the scales at 121 pounds, eight ounces.

"My adrenaline was really pumping, so it wasn't that bad," Pruitt said. "Later on, when I was lifting him out of the livewell and into another tank I really felt the weight."

Now, Pruitt, whose fish has already been weighed in the presence of a conservation police officer and measured by a biologist for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, is expected to submit documentation to the International Game Fish Association so that it can be certified a world record holder.

Once that's done, the catch should be approved as the world's largest blue catfish, replacing the current champion that was caught Jan. 16, 2004, in Lake Texoma, Texas, said Becky Reynolds, a spokeswoman for the association.

The fish was meant to be kept alive and put on display in a tank at the Cabela's Outfitter store in Kansas City, Kan., but died en route.

A biologist said that because the fish was "very old" and "very heavy," the travel stress "could have been too much."

Cabela's manager said officials were going to make replicas of the big fish.

Click in the photo box above to see a picture of the massive fish.

Parking-Meter Thief Stole Nearly Half a Million Quarters

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) — A former parking meter attendant accused of stealing $120,000 — quarter by quarter — has pleaded guilty to embezzlement and has promised to pay most of it back.

Vincent J. Howard agreed in court Tuesday to repay $70,000 within 30 days and $30,000 more over the two years that he will be on probation.

Macomb County Circuit Judge Richard Caretti also ordered the 50-year-old Howard to spend six months on an electronic tether.

Howard, who worked for the Detroit suburb of Mount Clemens for 23 years, was arrested last year after police raided his home and found thousands of dollars in coins. They also found $500 in Howard's car and $2,000 in a city-owned car he used on his rounds.

"He said he took $500 every two weeks for 10 years to pay bills," said county Assistant Prosecutor Steve Steinhardt. "But I think he used the money to do more than supplement his income."

Howard now works as a $9-an-hour laborer for a fence company.

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