Sunscreen Helps Woman Escape Attacker

A woman who was attacked in a park restroom escaped, in part, because she was slippery with sunscreen, Orange County (search) authorities said.

The woman, whose identity was not released, told authorities that she had been jogging Sunday morning on a trail in Mile Square Regional Park (search) when another jogger began following her.

She ducked into a park restroom but when she emerged from a stall he lunged from another stall and grabbed her arm, sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said Tuesday.

She got free, struggled with the man and ran outside.

"She had a large amount of suntan oil on, which made her very slippery and hard to grasp," Amormino said.

He also praised the woman's courage in fighting back.

"She was able to kick and scream and fight him off ... I think we have a very brave young woman out there," Amormino said.

The man fled, he said.