Coca-Cola Co. (KO) said Wednesday it plans a makeover for its Fresca diet soft drink in the latest move to win over increasingly health-conscious, calorie-phobic consumers.

Beginning in September, cans and bottles of the citrus-flavored drink will feature a new, more contemporary logo and graphics. It is the first makeover Fresca's green and yellow packaging has had since 1996, according to Coke spokesman Scott Williamson.

Two new flavors -- Sparkling Peach Citrus Fresca (search) and Sparkling Black Cherry Fresca (search) -- will also hit grocery store shelves as part of the brand's revamp. The original Fresca's flavor will remain the same.

The move to update the 39-year-old Fresca brand comes as Atlanta-based Coke is rolling out a number of new diet drinks, including a version of Diet Coke sweetened with the popular sugar substitute Splenda and Coca-Cola Zero (search), a no-calorie cola meant to taste like Coca-Cola Classic.

One of the keys to the beverage giant's future is capturing more consumers who have moved away from sugary soft drinks to healthier, low- or no-calorie beverages, such as water and juices with reduced sugar.

"Fresca resonates with people who have sophisticated tastes and are unwilling to compromise on flavor or calories," Alison Lewis, Coca-Cola North America's vice president of Sprite and flavors, said in a statement.

Fresca's relaunch will be accompanied by a marketing campaign developed by Minneapolis-based advertising firm Campbell Mithun.

The campaign will emphasize the drink's sophistication, Coke said, and will say Fresca is "ideal for moments of perfectly relaxed pleasure."

Coke shares were down 16 cents at $44.86 on the New York Stock Exchange (search).