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Are you closer than ever to having your identity stolen? That's what people in North Carolina are asking today, now that it's been revealed that more than 100,000 customers of the Charlotte-based banks, Wachovia Corp (search). and Bank of America Corp (search). have been notified of the theft of their financial records by bank employees.

The records were allegedly sold to collection agencies by bank workers in New Jersey.

So far, Bank of America has alerted about 60,000 customers whose names were included on computer disks discovered by police, bank spokeswoman Alex Liftman said today.

What's it like to have your identity stolen? We'll talk with someone whose been a victim of identity theft when Arlene Howard founder of Arlene Howard Public Relations joins us.

Plus, how can you protect yourself? We'll ask Anthony Caputo the Chairman and CEO of SafeNet (search).

Also, debate over taxpayer money and sexual enhancement drugs... Is this the best use of the money the government takes out of your pocket? We'll hear from both sides on this controversial topic.

And later, should companies yank their ads from publications that don't offer them favorable coverage? We'll tell you about Morgan Stanley's new ad policy and what General Motors decided to do about The Los Angeles Times...

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