Syrian Ambassador: No More Cooperation With U.S.

Syria has cut off military and intelligence cooperation with the United States amid strains in relations between the two countries over the insurgency in Iraq, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

In an interview with Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha (search), the newspaper quoted him as saying Friday that in the last 10 days Syria has "severed all links" with the United States military and Central Intelligence Agency (search) because of what he called unjust allegations.

The United States maintains Syria is not doing enough to stop the flow of men and money to the insurgency in Iraq.

The Times quoted Moustapha as saying he believed the Americans have decided "to escalate the situation with Syria" despite Syrian actions against the insurgents and Syria's military withdrawal from Lebanon in response to international pressure.

He said American complaints resumed in February after Syria handed over a half brother of deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to Iraqi authorities after his capture in Syria.

Moustapha told The Times that when the complaints resumed, Syria decided to stop providing further help.

"We thought, why should we continue to cooperate?" the newspaper quoted him as saying.