Five Hurt After Car Plows Into Dairy Queen

A speeding car ran out of control and plowed into lines of customers waiting outside a Dairy Queen (search), throwing people as far as 20 feet and knocking some out of their shoes, witnesses said. Five people were injured.

Witnesses said the car appeared to have been racing with another car when it hit a utility pole and spun into two lines of people Monday night.

Both drivers fled after the accident, police Officer Keith Quinn said. No arrests had been made as of Tuesday morning, authorities said.

Carrie Morris, 23, of Chapel Grove said cars often race on the stretch of street, and she could hear engines roaring before the crash.

The Dairy Queen's owner, Dane Aaron, said he and his employees called 911 and then handed out rubber gloves and paper towels to help the injured.

"You could hear the impact of the pole, the squeal of the tires and then all the people screaming," Aaron said. "The girls here thought the car was coming in here."

"It knocked two people out of their shoes and another one to the other side of the parking lot," said Ashley Bradshaw, 19, who was at a neighboring business.

Police would not identify the victims, who were taken to Gaston Memorial Hospital (search).