2 Hikers Feared Dead on Mount Rainier

Park rangers searching for two climbers missing on Mount Rainier (search) spotted two motionless bodies from a helicopter, but had to turn back as darkness set in.

Supervisory ranger Mike Gauthier said search crews planned to set out at daybreak Tuesday to try to reach the climbers. "It doesn't seem very optimistic at this point," Gauthier said.

Tim Stark, 57, and his nephew Greg Stark, 27, both of Lakewood in Pierce County, failed to return from a planned weekend trip to Camp Muir (search), at the 10,000-foot level of the 14,411-foot peak, Gauthier said.

The men set out on their trip Saturday but a heavy snowstorm hit the area over the weekend and Gauthier said the men may have been disoriented by the storm. Family members reported them missing Monday.

The bodies spotted from the helicopter were seen at about the 8,000-foot level on the Paradise Glacier (search). The bodies fit the description of the Starks, and where they would have been, although no positive identification has been made.

Relatives have been notified of the findings, the ranger said.