Off the Hook

What a week on FOX!

We kicked off Friday with Juliet on "FOX & Friends First" and were greeted 15 minutes early by the man of the hour, Donald Trump (search). He just completed season three of "The Apprentice" and joined us via the phone to reflect on his busy week. From calling for a return of the old Twin Towers to hiring his first female "Apprentice," Trump has been a man on the move. Of course learning he likes Juliet better then me hurt a little, but at least I can say I was friendly with him first!

For the most part, this week's shows were without a prevailing theme, which I blame on the news cycle. We began with Newsweek's "goof" talk and ended with Filibuster-palooza. As for Newsweek (search), I am not interested in examining unnamed sources and the origin of prisoner abuse allegations at Gitmo or anywhere else. Please realize that I personally don't care about the welfare of these terrorist and neither, I suggest, do most Americans.

I go to bed wondering why Saddam is in an air-conditioned cell and why any Al Qaeda (search) guy even has a Koran. Any Muslim should realize that it's these terrorists who are flushing their religion down the toilet, not our interrogators. If our investigators say they have to fake an execution or take away their bible to keep us terror attack free, then I say go ahead.

It seems the press in general is more gung ho about examining our behavior then that of our enemy. Where does this sentiment come from? Why are we always under our own microscope? Did you notice that a car bomb or IED kills about five soldiers a week? Did you notice that our forces are under pressure every day in 110 degree heat in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many people tried to kill you today and, if they did, how would you react? How would you react knowing that your captured insurgent knows where the next attack is coming, but refuses to talk? What if that attack would kill your best friend? Would you perhaps get a little … umm … emotional to get his attention? Me too and that's why I am so hesitant to blame our men and women. I know who the good guys are I and often wonder how many others in this country are actually pulling for a U.S. win in the War on Terror. Are we asking all those in Afghanistan, Iraq and Gitmo to be something we all are not: perfect?

On the topic of Congress and steroids, I loved seeing the NBA pinned against the wall for not testing their players in season. How can they claim to be drug free if they are not checking for nine months a year? Blame the union because David Stern wants testing today!

Also, Senators Coleman and Levin let me — and many more — down by letting George Galloway (search) go off on our system, the war and the Oil-for-Food probe. He noted Iraqi kids starved under sanctions and blames the U.S. and U.K. Could it be that the man he admires — Saddam — scammed the system and starved his people? Why did they let Galloway call the current Iraqi government an American puppet show? They carried the Iraqi elections in the U.K. didn't they? If so, I think he should know there was no puppet party, just some brave citizens laying it all out so they can pick new men and women to lead them.

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Next week, look for interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Sandler and Sen. John McCain.


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