Averting a Showdown

Hi all,

Sorry to have been out so long, but the Vesterblog is now back!

We're watching a few things for Monday, including the filibuster fight. Senator Ben Nelson (search) will be with us live — he's part of that handful of Senators who are trying to avert a showdown between Republicans and Democrats. Is there something you want to say to him about this battle over the judges? If so, e-mail me at dayside@foxnews.com.

Here are some of the comments that came in about that Friday:

Your guest says that 'the American people' don't want to force an up or down vote especially if it means doing away with the filibuster. Phooey! I'm an American and I want an up or down vote and… for the Senators to actually WORK for the money I have to pay for their salary!
—Norine Goodnite, New Mexico

The Republicans as well as the President are wrong to think this issue will not make a difference when it comes to the polls. I have never voted for a Democrat and I can't stand Hillary Clinton but I am so fed up... IF the Republicans do pull this nuclear option I will definitely vote against EVERY Republican in at least the next election — whether I like the Democrats or not.
—Russ Tuttle

As for the proposed legislation to bar women from combat support units, here's some of your feedback:

...We should go back to the auxiliary corps model where women served separately yet effectively and out of the way of our brave fighting men... Women in an integrated service are just in the damned way... Jessica Lynch and Shoshanna Johnson served honorably, but they proved quite ineffective as real soldiers...
—Ray Coleman, Tampa, Florida, Proudly served 3rd Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment

As a woman in the military and a combat veteran, I am shocked at Congress's attempt to keep me from serving my country in the 'front line'. First of all, there is no front line. The moment we crossed the border into Iraq, we were shot at. Nobody is safe. Does that mean I can't deploy with my brothers in arms? I wear the same uniform, bleed the same blood, carry the same load, and salute the same flag as my male counterparts...
—Christina Rock, Hawaii

Good food for thought. See you all Monday.


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