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Saturday, May 14:

Spooked by the recent courthouse shootings in Atlanta, some Georgia judges are arming themselves with guns. Should judges be allowed to pack heat? Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill weighs in.

Then, the Pentagon is calling for the closure of military installations, including 33 major facilities, as it unveiled the nation’s first major base restructuring in 10 years. We'll get reaction to the proposal for consolidating military facilities to save money from General Thomas Metz, Commander Army 3rd Corps.

And, the Modesto home once shared by Scott and Laci Peterson (search) is up for sale. Hear why not just anyone is allowed to make a bid to buy. Scott Peterson's (search) half-sister, Anne Bird, joins Geraldo along with Attorney Gloria Allred.

Plus, Dave Chappelle's breakdown, Goldie Hawn's marriage bust-up, and the Cruise/Holmes dating sham. We'll get the latest Hollywood gossip from In Touch (search) magazine's Tom O'Neil.

Sunday, May 15:

Are Nevada brothels legitimate businesses? Should they be taxed? The owners of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch (search) and the Shady Lady Ranch (search) join Geraldo for a spirited debate.

And, hundreds of "Star Wars"(search) fanatics turned out in 10 cities and paid up to $500 apiece this week to attend the premiere of the final film in the series, "Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith." But is the film too violent? We'll have a preview.

Then, comedienne Kathy Griffin tells Geraldo about her fight to save her sight after developing a rare condition from Lasik eye surgery. It's a Spotlight Interview you won't want to miss.

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NOTE: The Associated Press contributed to this report. Topics and guests subject to change.