Leaving the Past Behind?

Drum roll, lights and sirens please. It's time to check out the Clintons again. We have to do that ever so often because the two-for-one team is positioning Hillary to become president.

So Tuesday in Denmark, Bill Clinton (search) was visiting the prime minister and he said things were looking pretty good in Iraq. Clinton was complimentary of the situation we have at the moment — including an elected Parliament, an elected government administration and a vote on a constitution coming up.

Now this is "Bubba" giving the Euros the thumbs up on George W. Bush's war at the same moment that Scottish member of British Parliament, George Galloway (search), was in the U.S. Senate railing about an illegal war and Bush's "war crimes."

Americans paid no attention to Galloway, but the Euros might be listening to Bill. After all, they idolize him and wish he were the American king.

Clinton said there's no point in living in the past, and everybody should appreciate the positive changes in Iraq even if you didn't agree on how we got there.

Of course, "how we got there" is code for George W. Bush's illegal war, which all the Euros hated, but too bad cause you were too weak to stop it. And now all you can do is sulk about it.

Clinton is smart enough to know that it's pointless to look like Galloway — condemning an action that took out a murdering dictator. No point in appearing to oppose democracy for people who've spent three decades under a murder's boot. No point in appearing to be against freedom for people who never had it and who the world said didn't want freedom.

Even "Bubba" knows those things sound stupid. Kinda makes you wonder about that brilliant member of Parliament, Mr. Galloway, doesn't it? He seems to be all for Saddam still being in power.

Clinton isn't that dumb, so here's a heads up: My guess is that Senator Clinton will also be not that dumb.

In the great positioning dance going on right now, watch for the left to follow the Clinton lead and leave the war in Iraq behind. In fact, leave it far, far, far in the rearview mirror.

That's My Word.

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